Hello, I'm Andy Collins and I've been an artist and jewelry designer for many years and am always trying to find ways of working artistic elements into my designs. Creating with a variety of textures and materials lets me do that. Lately I've been inspired by the need for change with the low impact and zero waste movement. This is also a critical time because single use plastics and pollution are destroying our environment.

My goal for the future is to become as green as possible in my workspace and creative process. I'm switching away from single use plastics to waxed paper and paper packaging. I've stopped using bubble wrap or plastic wrap and switched to kraft recyclable mailers and kraft paper confetti for filling boxes.

To package jewelry I've made paper inserts or origami envelopes and origami boxes for shipping items safely and switched from tissue paper to the environmentally friendly waxed parchment paper. Many ribbons are also not recyclable so I've been using hemp twine and waxed cords instead. I've also been incorporating biodegradable materials into my new work with waxed colored cords, hemp, natural fibers and plant dyes.

I also stopped using and selling plastic adjustable ring sizers and now print my own card stock versions and send them with orders so that customers can check their sizes guilt free. I will also be switching from stickers in favor of recycled card stocks and will not be stamping or using foils or metal inks in packaging since this is also not recyclable.

This is only the beginning of the shift of changes to come but I'm happy to find natural and organic ways of working that feel better as well as being better for the environment.

Thanks for stopping by!