Care Instructions

Andy's House of Design jewelry is made using sterling silver, 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, brass, yellow bronze, white bronze and copper. Most metals will tarnish over time and show signs of wear so there are things we can do to keep them in good condition. Many of our pieces are industrial or organic in design so that they will look good either polished or tarnished and rustic looking. We think both are nice.

For sterling silver pieces that are oxidized or base metals that are antiqued, the blackened patina will wear down to the original metal underneath. This can get brighter quickly or wear down slowly it just depends on the conditions of use. If you don't want a piece to clean up shiny, we don't recommend wearing it in the shower or washing dishes with it if it's a ring.

For polished items in any of these metals the base metals will tarnish quicker if left exposed to the elements. So to keep from tarnishing too fast we recommend storing in an air tight container. We also separate the polished items from the oxidized items since the chemicals will make the polished items tarnish faster.

To clean jewelry once it starts to tarnish rub gently with a polishing cloth. Our favorites are Sunshine polishing cloths since they work well with all metals. Once it's shiny store in a sealed container when not wearing to slow down tarnishing process.

For ring sizing, it is always the most accurate to get sized by a professional jeweler since the metal bands give a better idea of the fit of an actual ring. You can also find paper ring sizers online to print out and cut to get an idea of your ring size and we have paper ring sizers already cut if you'd like us to send you one. They can be found in our shop for a small price for postage.

We will also send a paper ring sizer with ring orders so customers can double check their sizes if they need adjusting. On most rings we can do one resize for free but the second resize will require a small fee. We recommend storing paper ring sizers in a flat space like a book mark for future use.

We hope this helps with the maintenance and care of your jewelry items. And remember tarnish is just like dirt and can be cleaned off to make your pieces beautiful and new again. All the best.